New OJS 3 Theme on Bootstrap 4



I have the Bootstrap 4 (Oldgregg) theme. In One of the article when I publish while the abstract does not appear, all the texts that appear in the left column (PDF, References, Details) are strike-through text as you can see in following images?.


Where this could come from


Hi @rmosavi

I have no idea. Maybe from custom CSS. Can you send me a link to the problematic article in the private message?


@rmosavi, I see that the page isn’t fully loaded. Do you have an access to the PHP error log? It should contain something regarding this issue, relevant are errors and fatal errors that occur just after you trying access this page.


Thank you I will look at and let you know. Interestingly, this does not happen when I change the theme to other themes such as Health and default.


HI Vitaliy,

I was unable to get the error log as it does not generate any error. I tested with BOOTStrap 3 theme, it still give the same problem. What else should I look for to resolve it?


Dear @Vitaliy
The article pages which have xml galley could not be accessed, e.g.
Meanwhile, the articles which have only pdf galley can be accessed.

I have just upgraded from to the latest version then use the latest oldGregg. Here is the error log
[28-Oct-2018 12:27:56 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class 'JATSParser\Body\Document' not found in /home/k2542002/public_html/plugins/themes/oldGregg/ on line 185


Hi @kawahyu

Can you change this line:

if (!class_exists('\JATSParser\Body\Document', true)) {
and tell if this solves the problem.


Hi @rmosavi

Can you look to or ask someone to look into the PHP logs just after accessing problematic page? It’s hard to say something about the problem without logs.


The reason behind this error is that sometime ago JATS Parser plugin was installed to the system. This plugin has conflicts with the same classes inside Old Gregg theme and I’m trying to avoid them. In you case this check empty($jatsParserSettings) gives false and Old Gregg theme fails to load. This happens if JATS Parser plugin was deleted from the system without prior deactivation.


I have a problem accessing an article on OJS 3/old Gregg on the MAC computer while it is accessible on a PC:

doesn’t work on mac but works on pc

works on mac and pc

Thanks for the help


Hi @houara

I’m getting redirects to the search page from those links. Are you sure that those articles are published and have a free access?


Thank you @Vitality,

You are right the articles were not published. Now the articles are visible even when I am not logged in.


I have revised the line with if (!class_exists('\JATSParser\Body\Document', true)) {
but the error remains.

Here is the error log

[09-Feb-2019 05:39:04 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';' or '{' in /home/k2542002/public_html/plugins/themes/oldGregg/jatsParser/src/JATSParser/Body/ on line 36

This is the article page with xml


Hmm, that’s looks like incompatibility with PHP version. As I remember, those declaration types are started to be supported from v 7.1. Can you check what PHP version your OJS instance is using?


The journal uses PHP 5.6. We have tried using PHP 7 but the site went blank at all


OJS is fully compatible with PHP 7+. Did you try to change mysql driver to mysqli in when changing PHP version?


We missed this when changing to php 7+. It works now with php 7.1 and is normal .

Thanks a lot