New OJS 3 Theme on Bootstrap 4


Theme source code is available here:
Demonstration instance is available here:

The theme uses built-in JATS Parser Plugin for rendering articles in JATS XML format and display on article landing page. An example can be seen here:

To look at source JATS XML one needs just to download article’s XML galley. JATS XML should be downloaded as a galley file as usual.

Another feature is displaying 20 most recent articles on journal’s homepage.

It is compatible with latest OJS 3 release (may not work if version is below 3.1). For bugs, please fill in an issue on GitHub page.

Please note that theme is lincensed under GPL. It was developed by me (and I’m not from PKP team).

Edit: the theme is ready for production use. Many thanks to @anupent for testing and proposing code modifications.


This is a masterpiece! Great work. However, the plugin page doesnt load after copying the file. I have renamed it properly.

Please don’t post any bugs here - use GitHub. This issue is because you are trying to use this theme alongside with JATS Parser Plugin. This theme shares with the plugin the same classes, which results into error. Just disable JATS Parser Plugin:


Dear Dr @Vitaliy
Thanks so much for your contribution. Once, I have asked about jats-parser for bootstrap. Now, it is here.

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That is a very nice theme @Vitaliy!

edit: although I have never heard of “The Mighty Boosh” :joy:


Thanks a lot on your contribution! Congratulations! That is power of community!

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Hi @Vitaliy,

Excellent work! I’ve shared this with the PKP team. (I’m relieved it doesn’t actually look anything like Old Gregg.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Yup, Old Gregg is actually more greenish and isn’t a pleasant fellow. But this name is good for memorizing :slight_smile:


Great work @Vitaliy! It’s really exciting to see what you’ve been able to do with the Theme API. I’m really glad to see the community stepping in to provide theming options.

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Hi all,
We have updated our website with this theme by @Vitaliy.

Still, some work has to be done, but we feel it is now suitable for production stage.



Yup, the theme is ready for production. The current version is 1.1.0 - in compliance with latest OJS release.
branch = version


Hi @Vitaliy,
Thank you very much for this much awaited theme !
I was wondering if you were planning to include in the future parsing for the JATS “sub-article” tag.
This tag is especially useful for publishing referees’ reports and authors’ response in an open peer review process.

Thanks again for your many contributions !


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sub-article tag that can be placed inside body element and can contain any elements, just like an article?

In open peer review process, this tag follows the /back tag and does contain any elements just like an article. See for instance xml file at
(An alternative solution, though less compliant with the JATS, is to include referees’ reports and authors response as supplementary sections after the discussion section, in the body of the article)

Best regards,


OK. But before adding support for any tag, I need to resolve this issue:

Thank you very much for your swift answer and sustained effort !

All the best,


Hey…how can I make sure that my hosting has Bootstrap 4 framework?

I use godaddy hosting and having difficulties to check if Bootstrap 4 is there or not…

any help would be appreciated…


Hosting companies usually do have option to submit support ticket or open request. You can ask them using that option.

Bootstrap 4 is already inside the theme:
If your hosting provider meets requirements for OJS, the theme will work.
Although, I don’t remember if I have used there PHP 7 features. So, maybe you will need PHP version 7.0 or higher.

Edit: yup, have used…

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Thanks,…I cant use PHP 7…the database crash when I set it to PHP 7…

I install OJS 3.2.0 and use PHP 5.6 instead…that’s why I asked if it’s only can run on PHP 7