New OJS 3 Theme on Bootstrap 4



Paragraphs inside the table are already supported by JATS Parser. You simply need to put the loops, where iteretion through them is done, inside p tags. Foreach loops are here:

Did you try that? I suppose, this should be enough.


As for br tag it seems like a good idea. I think it can be incuded after I renew the source code on the GitHub, alongside with short guide how add the support for new tags.

But you were on the right path exept that p tag should not be added to the nodeCheck array as it’s used for parsing data inside the paragraph node. This method: is quite tricky and uses recursion for parsing nested elements inside the paragraph any level depth. Recursion there goes to all parent elements from the text nodes until this element is a paragraph (p).


will wait until you update the source code.

Best wishes.


Hi, I have installed the plugin (master) on …/plugin/themes/oldGregg , running PHP 7.0.30-0 and OJS I logged inn to OJS admin and activated the plugin on the “Plugins” page. But, I cannot see it when I try to enable the theme in “Website Settings” on “Appearance” menu. What is wrong?



You need PHP 7.1 or higher.


I upgraded to PHP 7.1.20 and no luck.


Have you enabled the plugin in the plugins’ settings?


Yes, I enabled the plugin.


Hmm, it’s quite unusual. Are there any relevant errors in the PHP error log?

Also check if you are in the appearance menu of the journal that has this plugin enabled.

The theme should work without any problems with your specifications. I’ve checked it today.


Also, the path should be plugins/themes/oldGregg starting from the web root(not plugin/...)


Sorry for the late reply. I have been on vacation. I installed a completely new OJS3.1.1-2, created new journals running on our 3 separate Linux Debian servers with php 7.0x, 7.1x and 7.2x and no luck.
I also upgraded our existing 2.8x to OJS3.1.1-2 on php 7.0x, 7.1x and 7.2x. and no luck

I can see the installed “oldgregg” and the path is “plugins/themes/oldGregg”. I have enabled the plugin as an administrator. I can’t find the plugin when I go to a journal’s Setting Wizard->Theme.

I have looked at the log file and I can’t find any tangible information.



Hi @obi
PHP version should be 7.1 or higher indeed. Do you have single- or multijournal installation?
The plugin should be enabled for the journal with which you want to use it. And not from the site-wide area. Can you confirm this?
Then go to the appearance menu for that journal to check it.


Hi Vitaliy,
I have a single installation with about 20 journals. This is what I did.

I downloaded the script from master-branch. Decompressed/unzip the the file and moved the directory to
our OJSroot//plugins/themes/ as oldGregg

Go to Site Settings -> Plugins -> Theme Plugins -> Old Gregg Theme (checked)
Go to Hosted Journals -> Journals - Settings Wizard -> Appearance ->Theme (Can only see Default Theme and not Old Gregg Theme)



If you have multi-journal installation, can you double check that you have enabled the theme in the settings of the right journal (top left corner in the admin dashboard for the journal title)?

Keep in mind that theme plugin should be enabled separately for each journal you want to use with (your journal -> Website Settings -> Plugins…)

After this you should see it in the appearance menu for those particular journals.


Thanks very much Vitaliy. It is now working.



I have installed this theme quite well, but I still have trouble changing the image size in the header.


Hi @badruddin,
There is no image in your website.
If you can upload image and let me know, I will try css codes that changes the size of your header image.

best regards,


I have added the image in the header, the result is like that. I want a larger header display. Please help me finish the assignment.


Hi @badruddin,


Hmm. The small image has been placed in the same row as the menu. So, if you make the image big, menu will be pushed far right and it would not look good.

I think I have added a <div> in between the user menu (register login) and the main menu and have placed the image there. You can see it here at

If you want to modify your header.tpl I would love to share the outlines of what modifications I have done.

Best regards,


It’s happy to be able to help me