New OJS 3 Theme on Bootstrap 4

I use OJS 3.2.0 have successfully install JAT Parser …however I don’t use PHP 7. but 5.6

When I place the file on the theme directory…I can’t load the plugin dashboard…

Any suggestion

Look great…could you help me …

I can’t install the plugins…I used latest OJS 3.0.1 dan hosting with Godaddy…have been successfully install jats parser…but use PHP 5.6 …the OJS doesn’t load when I change to PHP 7

Php is OK. I strongly suggest to upgrade your OJS installation to 3.1.0-1

What you see in the error log when you try to view the web page?

Hi @Emil_R_Kaburuan,

You may find this post and replies useful for PHP 7.

For PHP 7 see this Post and its replies:

For problem with installing plugin, see this issue:


Hi…I can install the theme…thanks…

I got question…how to add details on the article view of the template… I saw that you have put CC license and some other details there…
Also how to change the footer…and the reference style is only for Medical pub…can I change it to other reference style?


Those details, like CC license, are automatically displayed if you enter this data into the system. You can choose the license just before publishing an article. You can view the code from the template here:
and for articles without XML galley here:

Footer is coded here:

As for reference styles, I am planning to add APA in the near future. And write a guideline how it can be done.

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Those are Smarty templates. It is something close to HTML. You can read about them here: Documentation | Smarty

Dear @Vitaliy
When do you plan to release OldGregg
I wish it can support APA citation for jats

I am afraid not. I am planning to this feature in The next realease will include modifications of JATS Parser Plugin. It will be fully rewritten, actually, as I want to make it to be a foundation for JATS online editor. With improved logic this plugin will support complex text features. For example, now the text could be bold, italic and superscript at the same time. Sections, Lists could be nested unlimitedly deep, etc.I have used my new experience with OOXML (word) format.


I have recently made changes in the theme templates regarding licensing:
can you tell if this resolves your problem?

Dear @Vitaliy
We are grateful for your incredible oldGregg. We still try and make some customizes in
We tried uploading cover image for article and issue, they do not display. So does image for logo. Does it relate to oldGregg or the Ojs itself?

It is OJS or server related. I can’t get access to images by provided links. In the browser console, there are several 410 errors (moved permanently?). The only image that working is default cover for journal issue that I have provided in case of enabled issue slider without cover images.

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I don’t have any such issues.
You can see here

Edit: I removed current issue slider as I had issues with styling. I will work on it later at my leisure.

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Dear @Vitaliy,

I am trying to introduce a carriage return CR character in a cell of a table.
I have tried several things such as “<” “br />” (which is actually recognized as a line feed by the eLens parser) or “#xD” character (between the regular “&” and “;” ) or ![CDATA[ line1"<"br>line2]], but none of these is being parsed as a CR by oldGregg fellow.
Would you have a suggestion by chance ?

Many thanks in advance.


Can you explain in more details what you want to accomplish? Actually, you want to add a support for an additional element or just modify the template?
The parsing mechanism for JATS Parser:
JATS XML → PHP Objects → Smarty template
So all data from the articles first goes to the PHP Plain Objects. The code of the new JATS Parser. which I expect will be released soon and integrate into Old Gregg Theme (to replace current version), is here:

You can find the Cell class here:
It contains an array of Text objects (my custom objects that contain a text). This array can be retrieved by getter method. The Text class includes type property (bold, italic… and p for tables). So Cell can contain several paragraphs. This element (p) is included in JATS specifications and can be used inside cells (but not br). Keep in mind that changes in the new release would be incompatible with the old. And I’m not expecting and such major changes in the code in the future.

Many thanks!
I will use (p ) instead of (br) and fix the vertical gap between the paragraphs in the table data cells.
I just read that we are “discouraged” to use (break) in JATS (Element: Line Break) :wink:

And in what cases you have those vertical gaps? Maybe we can manage in some other way than adding the paragraph? Additional properties for table row or cell?

Well, what I ideally would like to do is to write down some text in a table data cell, in such a way that I can “break” the text at pre-determined position (e.g. the different lines of a postal address).
(p ) does permit to break the text, but each line is then considered as one paragraph, with margin/padding defined in the style sheets. I have not found (yet) the CSS styles for tables in your template.