Display of keywords in OJS 3.1-01 with JATSParserPlugin and Manuscript-JATS

I have used the Manuscript-JATS, and I want to present the keywords after abstract.
How can make this?
Thank you in advance,

Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN
If you want JATS Parser Plugin functionality I recommend to start using this theme (I am planning to support it in the future):

This plugin is built-in the theme (therefore it should be deleted before installing the theme for leaving only one instance):

For displaying keywords you can open issue on theme’s GitHub page. I will take a look.

Hi Vitaliy,
You can complete :grinning:
It is very nice, and thanks for your big contribution.
I activated the theme, yet I don’t want to use the first page or I want to add the journal information on the first page, see . How can it make?

Thanks again.

Do you want to add information from the Journal Summary section to the journal index page (journal → masthead)?

Yes. I want to use the first page as journal information, latest articles and current issue.
I want to use like now, see journal website.

As for journal information, I have opened an issue:

As for the latest issue, if we have 20 most recent articles (irrespectively of an issue) on the main page, don’t you think current issue is redundant information for online journal?

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Main page may include:
Journal summary (if any)
Latest 4 articles-most cited 4 articles
Finally, current issue
I want to change the main page like this.

I also want to ask you another think. How can I delete sidebar from article detail section (in abstract) like in your Manuscript-JATS. I have used the child theme. After clicking the article, I do not present the sidebar.

Journal summary is on the TODO list. As a possibility to change the number of articles displayed on journal index page (for now it is 20 most recent).
Also, I will rethink an option (somewhere in the dashboard) to display the latest issue, but not in the near future. If you want it in the near future, I recommend using child-theme for this task with overriding this page:

As for the sidebar, you want to delete it from Manuscript JATS Theme? Or in Old Gregg theme?

Just put below the abstract. The metadata is anyways stored

I try to revise based on your suggestions.
I think the latest issue should be display.
Also I want to delete sidebar from the child-theme.
If you can help me, I will be glad.
Thanks in advance.

From the child-theme for manuscript-jats theme? Or you are talking about sidebar from Old Gregg theme (new theme)?