Need help Bulk Import of OJS Articles to WordPress While Maintaining URL Structure


I currently have an OJS installation hosted on site A, which is currently in a “read-only” state as an archive. On site B, WordPress is installed, and I would like to import all articles from site A to site B.

Currently, I am manually copying and pasting, but I find this method ineffective as there are hundreds of articles on site A that need to be copied manually. Is there a way for me to mass-import these hundreds of articles to site B (WordPress) along with their URL formats?

For example,

on site A:

and on site B:

i think i can setup custom permalink on site B

Thank you.

Hi @rajam,

This post here suggests some options for a similar situation: Plug in to tranfer the OJS content to a Wordpress website

PKP Team

Instead of copying, you may also consider using the OJS REST API to embed the content. See post Integrasi OJS with Wordpress - #16 by mpbraendle and Integrasi OJS with Wordpress - #21 by mpbraendle