Multiple Issues in OMP3.2.0-1 (After upgrade from 3.1.2-2)

Hi @asmecher
Today I successfully updated to OMP 3.2.0-1 version on the production site and found multiple issues (Using default theme without any modification).

  1. In publication workflow, I didn’t find any option to add a file for the whole book, files can be added for individual chapters only.
  2. I can’t find any option to add ISBN identifiers.
  3. For publications already published, I unpublish it but can’t find any option to add or modify contributors. However, for new submission which was not already published modifying contributor option is available (I didnt try also dont want to create new version).
  4. At the frontend article detail block not visible which contains information like, coverpage, ISBN, Monograph file, ISBN, Publishing date, series, ISSN, category, copyright info etc.
  5. Site footer on article page disappeared.
  6. Article statistic block disappear from article page
  7. cover page image disappeared from the catalogue page (frontend).
  8. Pdf file link of chapters from few publications disappear (Note, I changed publication type as edited volume as all publication by default changes to the monograph)

Kindly confirm if its an issue or some specific problem with my own installation, I upgraded through update script available on cpanel.
Edit: I tested on local machine by downloading complete package from pkp website and same issue exists after updating and hence, I restored my production site to the earlier version. Waiting for the fix for above issues.

Hi! @NateWr @asmecher
Sorry for commenting, even though I am aware that you might have lots of queries in the forum to reply along with your busy schedule in development. It would be great to get confirmation regarding assigning the ISBN identifier as I am not able to find an option even in the fresh install. Other issues after upgrading I already mentioned in the previous question.

Hi @aabahishti,

I’m going to bring in @Dulip_Withanage if he has some time. He is much more familiar with OMP than I am and may be able to more easily confirm if something has been dropped in 3.2 and needs to be restored. I’ll try to answer those question I can for now:

  1. When adding files to a Publication Format, any file you add that is not claimed by a chapter will be treated like a file for the whole book. So any files that are uploaded which are not selected under a Chapter’s settings should be considered for the whole book.
  2. Not sure but I suspect this exists in Publication Format settings.
  3. When a version is unpublished, the contributors list should reload and offer an option to add and modify contributors. I’d recommend reloading the page to see if the add/modify buttons appear after unpublishing a version. (You shouldn’t have to reload but we did have a bug with that and I can’t remember whether the fix went into 3.2.0-1.)
  4. I’m hoping Dulip knows better what content should appear and whether anything has been missed in 3.2.
  5. This sounds to me like there’s a fatal error on the page. Check your server’s error log.
  6. Same as #5.
  7. Does the cover image still appear in the backend?
  8. I think we’d need to know more details on a case-by-case basis here to figure out what’s happened.

@asmecher are you aware of a cpanel integration for upgrading? Is it possible that this was a file upgrade but the upgrade script has not been run? I feel like there would be more catastrophic errors happening in that case.

Hi @aabahishti
I will answer each question in a seperate comment for also other readers in the thread to have a look.

  1. In publication workflow, I didn’t find any option to add a file for the whole book, files can be added for individual chapters only.
  1. Navigate to the Workflow stage - Production
  2. Navigate to Production ready files
  3. Upload file
  4. Select Book manuscript
  5. Change to Tab Publication
  6. Select Left Tab : Publication formats
  7. Click Add publication format
  8. After that navigate to the newly added format in grid
  9. Click Select Files
  10. Select the file you uploaded in step 3.

I found following fatal error in the php log file-

Fatal Error Log

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getID() on null in C:\wamp64\www\omp\plugins\generic\usageStats\
Stack trace:
#0 C:\wamp64\www\omp\lib\pkp\classes\plugins\ UsageStatsPlugin->displayReaderMonographGraph(‘Templates::Cata…’, Array)
#1 C:\wamp64\www\omp\lib\pkp\classes\template\ HookRegistry::call(‘Templates::Cata…’, Array)
#2 C:\wamp64\www\omp\cache\t_compile\4838d1eb315c43da6fc0c608df23899f50941f69^ PKPTemplateManager->smartyCallHook(Array, Object(Smarty_Internal_Template))
#3 C:\wamp64\www\omp\lib\pkp\lib\vendor\smarty\smarty\libs\sysplugins\smarty_template_resource_base.php(123): content_5e7dbc06c4b8d7_03005189(Object(Smarty_Internal_Template))
#4 C:\wamp64\www\omp\lib\pkp\lib\vendor\smarty\smarty\libs\sysplugins\smarty_template_compiled.php(114): Smarty_Template_Resource_Base->getRend

I can’t find any option to add ISBN identifiers.

As @NateWr suggested, it is in publication format settings.

  1. Click in the edit in the publication format
  2. Navigate to tab metadata
  3. Add code
  4. Choose ISBN-13

Thanks for the help;
1 & 2: File for complete book and ISBN has been resolved as described above.
3: Editing of contributor appears after refreshing as NateWr pointed.
4 & 5: Problem of Detail block and footer appears in upgraded installation only (In fresh installation, No such problem exist)
6: Statistic block appears in upgraded one (I am not sure about fresh installation, as dont have much data to appear).
7: Yes, cover page image appear in the backed but disappear from the front end (This issue also only for upgraded installation and even new submission in upgraded one does not have this issue).
8. I am not sue which detail can I provide for disappearance of pdf files (may be can discuss in a seperate issue after resolving above).
9. Another additional question; i and many others were interested to have seprate chapter landing (detail) page in OMP and @ajnyga was working on it, now adding abstract and page number is available in the backend but its not appearing on frontend. It would be great if each chapter get their own landing page (similar to article detail page in OJS). Initial work for chapter landing pages in OMP by ajnyga · Pull Request #729 · pkp/omp · GitHub

Regarding script from cpanel, I also updated using complete package from pkp download website(Using upgrade instruction by keeping only public & file directory) and same issue exist.
Thank you so much!

Hi @aabahishti,

Thanks for the error log. I’ve filed an issue to investigate that here: Fatal error in usageStats plugin calling for PublishedMonograph · Issue #5685 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Regarding the cover image: are you using a custom theme? If so, you may need to change the way the cover image is loaded in the template.

Thanks for the help. No, I never used custom theme; it was default theme in the previous version also in the current version.


Can you run through the steps you took when upgrading locally? That might help identify where things have gone wrong.

Hi @NateWr

  1. I downloaded OMP3.2.0-1 package from and unzipped in the installation folder of local machine.
  2. Deleted & public file from the above extracted files.
  3. Added, public and file directory in above intallation folder (Took from the backup of my production installation of OMP3.1.2-2).
  4. Uploaded sql database from the same backup of 3.1.2-2 in the local machine database.
  5. Edit config file for database credential, file directory path, base url, and set installation to off.
  6. Opened IP of local machine and click on run update with web url process.
  7. Got successful update screen without any error on the screen.

Edit: Regarding cover image disappearance from the catalog page, I found an issue in renaming thumbnail files while updating as described below-
In the previous version coverimage files got stored in File directory (Files\presses\1\monographs\78\simple) however in current version it moved under Public folder (public\presses\1) by renaming thumbnail file as (submission_15_15_coverImage__t). While renaming, the underscore before t appears 2 times after I deleted one underscore as (submission_15_15_coverImage_t), it appears on catalog page.
I also notice that for newly uploaded coverimage, it added language suffix _en_US however, this suffix was not get added in the update process of coverimage already existed in the previous version.

Thanks, that’s helpful to know. @Dulip_Withanage have you run into this with cover images in your upgrades?


In the steps you mentioned, you haven’t done the updade database step that should come after 4.

Could you also run the

php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

after 4

I trust you backup the mysql database beforehand.

@NateWr I could not test that in frontend, cause I use the Python Frontend. I can give a check there, if the problem still exists after db update.

Hi! @Dulip_Withanage
Sorry, I didn’t mention it but I did upgrade after step 4 also just now I did all steps again (including db upgrade after step 4) from the original backup and the same issue exist in the renaming of coverimage file.

Regarding the above issue of detail block & footer, its due to issue in the usage statistics plugin as filed by @NateWr in thread 8 above. After disabling usage statistics plugin (or unchecking display statistics chart for reader) fixes the problem.


Regarding above issue of pdf file disappearance, It seems due to following issue as reported by others too-
Unable to save pdf file for all chapters, when a file get saved for any chapter it get saved but same time other file saved for another chapter get removed and in this way only file saved for last chapter gets associated with it and all other get removed.

I can confirm after my system and database upgrade (to my thumbnail cover images also included the __t, (double underscore). While the catalog page was looking for these file with just the _t (single underscore). Creating a copy of the thumbnail files with just the single underscore fixed my problem.

Hi @jbutler,

I caught this yesterday and fixed it – there’s a patch for those who haven’t upgraded yet, and a Bash one-liner to move the files for those who have. Your solution of copying the files is fine too. See [OMP] Upgrade moves thumbnail images to wrong path · Issue #5745 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher
I manually edited file names to remove extra underscore as did not have many cover images.

Right now, the most critical issue is the file mapping for chapters ( due to which I postponed the upgrade of OMP.