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I have a bilingual journal (primary English, secondary is Spanish), and have the journal front end setup nicely. In the Journal Manager options all of the options are selected in the ‘Languages’ setting, and I can see that both languages are available for the Email Templates settings. However, I cannot see any option for the editor to select which language template they would like to use when sending an email (e.g send a review invitation, send a decision etc). So, the email templates are in the Journal Manager, but not being pulled into the submission processing options.

I have a feeling that either I am being dumb or have missed a setting. Anything I may have missed when adding the second language?

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Hi @TimW,

Currently the email template’s language will be selected based on the language that’s currently being used by the user composing the message. That’s probably not an ideal solution. What version of OJS are you using? This is probably something we won’t improve in OJS 2.x, but could certainly consider for 3.x.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Ah, so because I have my user language as English, it will only show the English templates, but if my user were registered as Spanish then they would only show Spanish. Good to know.

We are currently using but will look into 3.x. in 2017.

I know that there are a number of multilingual journals that send emails in a different language depending on the recipient, rather than the sender (e.g. the editor is bilingual so will send in English if sending to an English person or Spanish if sending to a Spanish person). Using the language that the editor is registered as therefore is slightly restrictive. Giving them the option to change templates on the email screen could be a nice feature to add.



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Hello all,

I was about to add a new topic exactly like this one… I searched and found this only when started typing. Not really sure it should stay as a question. If you’d like, I’ll add it to the FEATURE REQUESTS list.

The interface should NOT interfere with language selection of “interactive” items, such as email, submission, review and any other form. Multilingual journals require this and it’s most necessary for the Editorial Teams, who send communications in the language of the recipient, not necessarily theirs.

Hi @asmecher,

Do I want to ask you if in the OJS 3.1 is made this option for send emails in another language? Because in OJS 3.0.2 is not implemented, I know at this moment you focus is in the milestone 3.1 and this is a significant upgrade, but I think this option is an essential thing to consider, if not in 3.1, maybe in a next update.

What do you think?


Hi @t4x0n,

This isn’t on our list for OJS 3.1. It’s definitely a priority, as are several other localization-related frequent requests such as multilingual author names, but unfortunately we have a lot of competing priorities to address.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Of course @asmecher, I can imagine that! …thanks for taking time for responding, and thanks for all your work! I am very excited waiting for OJS 3.1