Metrics tools in OJS 2.x./3.x

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Is anyone able to get the PaperBuzz plugin working and showing any results?

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Good question. :slight_smile:
I tried to enable it in a testing journal and it just show the downloads
(looks like CrossRef Event Data don’t have records about my doi).

I googled for a while and I didn’t see any demo. :frowning:

@jalperin @asmecher @bozana ¿something to show?

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You need to see if your DOIs have events in Crossref Event Data, or in Paperbuzz directly. If you find events there, but no in the plugin, let us know and we can look into it!

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Hi Pablo,

Long time since we meet. Hope to see you in Barcelona. :wink:

Yes, I noticed my journals are not included in EventData (I will ask CrossRef about this) but @primozs question is if we have a demo of this up&running somewhere.

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Hi @jalperin,

Can you please look at the topic with the detailed explanation: Paperbuzz plugin

Best regards, Primož

Hi @ctgraham

I have instelled plumx plugin for OJS 2x. I am unable to understand where add code as no metrics is shown anywhere on the article page. Can you please share what custom code should be added and where to add?


With the PlumAnalytics plugin, there is no need to add code anywhere. You simply need to install and configure the plugin. The configuration settings control where the widget will display on the article page.

Did you install the plugin through the link on the Plugin Management page, or manually? Which version of the plugin did you download and install? Do you have DOIs assigned to your articles?