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I was very happy seeing announcement for the Paperbuzz plugin ( I have tried and installed it on my system and I am not sure how it should work.

I changed one DOI number of my article to the testing one from the GitHub of the plugin source (10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124). Enabling and configuring the plugin I don’t see anything new. I expected some graphs or something on the ‘abstract’ page of the article. But nothing.

What is the problem? How can I see how the plugin works?

Any hint, @jalperin ?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

If you downloaded the new plugin from PKP’s GitHub, you must have the paperbuzzviz folder empty.

Download the archives from next GitHub’s link and put into the paperbuzzviz

Finally, It must work showing a graph on the abstract page as you said.


Hi @madileweb,

I’d recommend installing the plugin from the Plugin Gallery within OJS, or failing that, by getting the right file from the Releases page of the PaperBuzz git repository. Otherwise you might be missing part of the plugin, or you might download a version that’s not compatible with your release of OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

I downloaded the plugin from PKP official repository and the zip comes with the paperbuzviz folder empty, so I return to repository, click into that folder and take me to jalperin/paperbuzzviz

Isn’t correct?


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Hi @madileweb,

I sorted that our already. Copied also the submodul from the GitHub, so there are no errors on the page anymore (in the browser console window). However, nothing shown. I used the master branch of the submodule, is that a problem?
How can I investigate further what is wrong?

Best regards, Primož

The plugin gallery is not the PKP official repository.

You can reach the plugin gallery inside your OJS3 installation, when you login as administrator in: Settings > Website > Plugins > Plugin gallery or login and adding “management/settings/website” to your root path.

The point is that I also try to install it (last plugin release with OJS last stable - 3.1.2-1) and I’m also in same situation… With default theme, no info shown under the article’s page and logs is dumb.

Is somebody making this work? Any demo somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

Yes, it worked under our OJS 3.1.2 installation. Unfortunately, the journal that I had in mind and that also tweets about its articles turned it off.

You are right. It’s working, but I missed the obvious when testing: As is told, plugin needs DOIs and twitts to show something. Here you have an sad example of the plugin enabled in a testing site (with just 2 twitts):


So I’m still looking for somebody that made this work in a real journal, with real data… If it’s your case, please share a link.

Hi @asmecher,

When I activate Papberbuzz plugin receive in error log:

[28-Jul-2019 17:47:47 Europe/Belgrade] PHP Warning: Declaration of DRIVERDAO::setOAI(&$oai) should be compatible with PKPOAIDAO::setOAI($oai) in /home/ijcadsee/public_html/plugins/generic/driver/ on line 19
[28-Jul-2019 17:47:47 Europe/Belgrade] PHP Warning: Declaration of CustomBlockPlugin::getBlockContext() should be compatible with BlockPlugin::getBlockContext($contextId = NULL) in /home/ijcadsee/public_html/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 134
[28-Jul-2019 17:47:47 Europe/Belgrade] PHP Warning: Declaration of SubmissionKeywordEntryDAO::getByControlledVocabId($controlledVocabId, $rangeInfo = NULL) should be compatible with ControlledVocabEntryDAO::getByControlledVocabId($controlledVocabId, $rangeInfo = NULL, $filter = NULL) in /home/ijcadsee/public_html/lib/pkp/classes/submission/ on line 20

The plugin does not work, just present Metrics loading…
Any idea?


Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.

> [28-Jul-2019 19:24:49 UTC] PHP Warning:  Declaration of PaperbuzzSettingsForm::fetch($request) should be compatible with Form::fetch($request, $template = NULL, $display = false) in /home/u232447982/domains/ on line 100
> [28-Jul-2019 19:24:49 UTC] PHP Warning:  Declaration of PaperbuzzSettingsForm::initData($request) should be compatible with Form::initData() in /home/u232447982/domains/ on line 100
> [28-Jul-2019 19:24:49 UTC] PHP Warning:  Declaration of PaperbuzzSettingsForm::execute($request) should be compatible with Form::execute() in /home/u232447982/domains/ on line 100
> [28-Jul-2019 19:24:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method PaperbuzzPlugin::getTemplateResource() in /home/u232447982/domains/
> Stack trace:
> #0 /home/u232447982/domains/ PaperbuzzSettingsForm->__construct(Object(PaperbuzzPlugin))
> #1 /home/u232447982/domains/ PaperbuzzPlugin->manage(Array, Object(Request))
> #2 /home/u232447982/domains/ PluginGridHandler->manage(Array, Object(Request))
> #3 /home/u232447982/domains/ PKPRouter->_authorizeInitializeAndCallRequest(Array, Object(Request), Array)
> #4 /home/u232447982/domains/ PKPComponentRouter->route(Object( in /home/u232447982/domains/ on line 30


Will the paperbuzz plugin provide HTML views data as well as PDF views? Since adding HTML versions of articles in 2014 our HTML views have come to far outstrip our PDF views which is great for authors and the Press and it would be great if these figures are included in the Paperbuzz stats!
Thanks so much,

The Paperbuzz plugin, like the old ALM one, is still pulling PDF/HTML/and other Galley views from inside OJS. Those are not going through Paperbuzz, but the plugin will still display them.

@Lazar_Stosic Did you find solution? I am facing same.