Logo CC-BY missing at article pages after upgrade from 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.0-3

After upgrading our multi journal OJS to 3.2.0-3, the CC-BY image is not shown anymore at articles where it used to be on the abstract page.
In the previous version (3.1.1-4) it was shown on all articles of some of our journals. After the upgrade it disappeared everywhere.
The CC-BY link in the Journal Settings is not automatically set correctly, but shown under Other, see screenshots.
Only changing the Journal Settings didn’t help.
The only way we know to fix it it, is by

  • unpublish the article,
  • overwrite the license,
  • go through all the republish-stuff, which is a lot because most of our journal editors use the Quick summit plugin, so articles are not in the right stage.
    This is not doable for all the articles.
    How can we fix this smarter?

example: Complicating the Obvious: Teaching Life Writing at the University of Salzburg | European Journal of Life Writing
article page in 3.1.1-4 with CC-BY logo
EJLW journal settings CC-BY in OJS3.1.1.4
CC-BY_journal_settings_after upgrade to 3.2.0-3

Hello @ugp2

For this particular article what do you see under the individual article settings under “Permission and Disclosure” for the Article URL metadata field? There should be the ability to enter in the License URL for it, for the CC-BY URI (Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0) You do have to briefly unpublish the article, but you should be able to publish it again to save you from going through those steps that you mentioned.

PKP Staff

article settings in 3.1.1-4 before upgrade:

article settings after upgrade to 3.2.0-3, with empty License URL:

Hello @ugp2,

Yes - but the field is not empty - you just have not provided it with an alternate license URL. In OJS 3.2, it takes the default license URL provided in the journal’s settings unless it is overridden with another license. So, if you were wanting to switch the license for that specific article to CC-BY, you would enter in the CC-BY URL: Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 and then select “Override”, which would assign the CC-BY license to this particular article (but all other articles would remain CC-BY-NC-ND, because it is indicated in your distribution settings as the default license used for your journal.

Best regards,

PKP staff

I do have a very similar problem. I was upgrading from to and adapting my theme when I discovered that
does not work any more although the data is actually there.
So neither the fallback to the journal’s license works nor the specific licenseUrl in the table publications_settings
But there is already an issue here: License disappears after upgrade to 3.2.1 - #5 by asmecher

all the best

Thanks a lot @klausru, changing licenseURL into licenseUrl fixed our problem.

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