Keyword Cloud Plugin for OJS3



How to make KeywordCloud in the OJS/Plugin/Blocks/…? Do you have the source code to fill in Blocks from CP File Manager? THank you


The code is available in github. you can simply extract the archive into the blocks directory.


Let me try, thank you


KeywordCloud block was form. But, it can not display in the website. I was setting in the blocks manager of Appearance site of OJS 3.1.4. May I lost another step? Thank you for your help.


Hi @Azerilatama,
Nice plugin!
But, it gets slow on journals with big data and home page is lagged.
Is there a way to make if faster? e.g a filter?


thanks so much.

the process of extracting keywords and their freqouncy is occurred each two day and the extracted data are cached. but on the interface its SVG and its render maybe cause some lag. but you can decrees the number of keyword to solve the problem.
check the line 16 and 17 in to see these constants.


Dear developers!
Please tell me what to do.
Your module has stopped showing keywords (just empty). This error pops up in the browser console:
TypeError: t.text.toLowerCase is not a function

Previously, everything worked - everything looked cool.

With respect
Ph.D. Sergey Kuprienko