Block.tpl in OJS 3.1.2; keywordCloud plugin

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i have a short question:
We use the keywordCloud Plugin for some of our journals. While most of the 3rd party plugins in the plugin gallery have already been adapted to OJS 3.1.2, this one hasn’t. I got it working again, by moving the block.tpl from the plugins main folder to a dedicated templates-folder inside the plugin. Now the plugin won’t work with pre 3.1.2 releases, it seems. Is there a way to make it work with both, or do we need two different versions?

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Hi Mr thf

pardon me, not to answer your question since I encounter some problem with custom template on OJS 3.1.2.

May I ask you question ?
Do you use custom theme in your OJS installed with 3.1.2 version ? or you used the default theme ?

Since I found that 3.1.2 had some problem with custom theme.

Hello navotera,

i use a custom theme plugin that extends the default theme. After the update, the custom theme did not work right away because there were some issues with the included templates (which overwrite existing templates). The changelog of OJS 3.1.2 suggests that the include Smarty Template engine was updated to a newer version and apparently the support for some deprecated features of the template language was dropped. That was at least the problem in my case. After porting the templates to the newer template syntax by comparing them to the ones they overwrite it worked again. Maybe this strategy works for you as well.

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Hi thf

Thanks for your reply.
I try the boostrap 3 by NateWr for the latest releases and healthSciences too but not works.
the theme already mention that it compatible with 3.1.2.

By the way thanks for the info