Keyword Cloud Plugin for OJS3

Thanks so much @Azerilatama
With your tar.gz file, I can successfully installed it through cpanel, It did not work via plugin upload.

Anyway, how does it choose the keywords in sidebar? Is it the keywords of latest articles?

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Your welcome, thanks for using.
there are the most used keywords in overall of articles.

Hi @Azerilatama,

Congratulations, I’ve added your plugin to the plugin gallery! It should be installable from inside OJS now. (The gallery downloads and installs from the release you’ve created in github, but be careful not to change that file without letting us know, or the file signature won’t match and users won’t be able to install the plugin.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


thanks dear @asmecher.

Thanks for this plugin. I have one query: If at all, I want to show the keywords on any other page instead of the sidebar, what code should I use? @Azerilatama

dear @varshilmehta
I am not sure I understand the question correctly, you want to have an especial page for keywords (like // ) instead of showing on sidebar?

Yup. I want to show on many different pages.

I really confused, if you want to show it on many different pages, the sidebar block is the best choice !!!

Well, I have moved on with the sidebar. I have almost eliminated the sidebar. Hence, please let me know the code what I can use to show this in other pages. I have already installed your plugin.

my plugin is the block plugin which can shown on sidebar, if you want to display it in any other place it should be changed.
I not so pro on OJS, but as i know you can inject any special code and template in different place using Hook.
The plugin should changed to generic plugin and using hook and find the current place to inject the template of this plugin on it,
I thing @asmecher can help about the right hook if you find out where do you want to show the keywords.

for example you can check that plugin which inject a chack box in the article publishing form.

Dear @Azerilatama,
thank you very much for your plugin. I activated it via the plugin gallery and it is shown in the side bar of our newly migrated journal, but unfortunately it only works for the English Version, not for the German version, which is our main language:



And firefox only shows one keyword at all.

thanks, Anna

Sorry, I forgot to ask, whether I need to change anything in the configuration? or how can I get German keywords?
best regards, Anna

Dear @akku,
Thanks for using my plugin.
the plugin support different locale and if you get the keywords for German language too, there will be shown.
are you get the article metadata in both language?

thanks for your quick reply. The articles are only published in English and so we only have English metadata. But would it nevertheless be possible to show the English keywords on the German version?

in the file
change line 57 from




to always use the English locale keywords.
and don’t forget to clear your cache to renew the keywords list

:smiley::tada: fantastic, it works, thanks a lot for your support

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dear @asmecher.
I found that in the New OJS version the browse by keyword feature is added, so i can change the plugin to search article based on this feature, but I cant find how it work and how to access the keyword index, can you guide me in that case.

Dear @Azerilatama
I activated your plugin in 3.1.1 but it is not shown in sidebar. Is it already compatible with the version?

Hi @kawahyu

Yes, i test it and it work with the ojs 3.1.1 without the problem.
do you publish any article with keyword in your journal? because without any keyword, the plugin refuse to show itself.

Dear @Azerilatama, Dear @asmecher,

i have a similar problem like @kawahyu for my OJS Version 3.1.1.-1. I see the keywordCloud Block but I can’t see the Keywords (see picture). Thats a litlle bit tricky because I have get every article a lot of keywords. What do you think about this problem?

Thanks for your help!scn%C3%B6ag