JATS Parser Plugin running

I was a while ago very interested in the developping of the JATS Parser Plugin to be used by our system of nine academic journals. We recently upgraded to latest OJS 3x. However I don’t see any recent updatings regarding the plugin. Does anyone know if it is still running?

Thank you very much in advance.



Thanks of any information about it

Hi @alejandro_shuttera,

The plugin has a lot of recent modifications/improvements. As can be seen from repository, the most recent commit was yesterday: https://github.com/Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin/commits/master
For OJS 3.2.1 only pre-production version is released, this is because of some issues related to recent updates of the plugin, which I’m expecting to resolve with OJS 3.3/3.3.1 releases.

The first issue is related to limitations of full-text max size that can be stored in OJS database, it’s fixed here: OJS3 - DB field type TEXT is cutting off long content · Issue #6096 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

The second is related to the in-text citations, they aren’t linked with the correspondent bibliography items. I’m expecting to fix this in OJS 3.3.1.

The list of releases is here: Releases · Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin · GitHub

Forgot to mention that the plugin displays the full-text on article landing page and I added correspondent styling for it only to Old Gregg theme. Meanwhile, other themes will require custom minor styling.

Thanks a lot @Vitaliy. We’ll be watching for it in the upcoming versions.

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