Issue with PKP PLN deposits

I’ve got an issue with the PKP PLN deposits. I’m using OJS Please find a print screen here:

The UUID seems to be not valid. The UUID is 4AD83E59-8CC0-4873-B1C3-2B161194A5EC
Please find the error log here:
and the Stack Trace of the 404 not found page here:

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @aguilera99, we’ll investigate. Thanks for the logs.

PKP Team

Your server is missing the function mime_content_type() which is part of the FileInfo extension. It’s usually installed with PHP automatically, although in some cases it isn’t. The plugin will fail when the PLN tries to download a deposit when this function is missing.

[03-Aug-2017 07:05:16 Etc/GMT] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type() in /home/revistapsicologi/public_html/plugins/generic/pln/pages/ on line 66

Thanks @mjoyce . I enabled the fileinfo extension in the cPanel and reset the deposits. Could you please check if something else must be enabled in the configuration based on the Php info and ?
I’ve been learning this rocket science since I’m using OJS.

Hi, greetings.
I am using OJS I want to enable PKP PLN plugin but I am unable to find it in the existing plugins and plugin gallery.

Please help me that how I can upload this plugin to enable PKP PLN for the journal archive deposit with LOCKSS.

Looking forward with thanks and regards. Sulaman

Hi @sulaman,

I’ve responded to your duplicate post. Please don’t double-post; it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks. The deposits are completed.

Dear @asmecher,

I have also the problem in our journal. I have read some discussions in this forum. PHP extension has been installed and enabled. I reset for 3 times now. However, it say “Yes” complete, then I reset again. I wonder it’s just all the way we do, or any other setting we need to do in cpanel.
Our journal link:
The unique identifier: 4F6DAF8E-01B3-4D33-AA99-EA0D63A6C4EA
I am looking for your help.

Best regards,

Hi @jokogunawan,

What version of OJS are you using? (Please include this in your posts.)

I’d suggest checking your scheduled tasks log. Look for files called scheduledTaskLogs/PKPPLNDepositorTask-* inside your files_dir (as configured in They should contain information about what’s happening with your deposits.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Currently we are using OJS Okay I will take a look.


Dear @asmecher

The status of PKP PLN in our journal is in the picture below:
I wonder if it is okay for now. I have been waiting for couple weeks and the status is the same, the I reset again. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Belitung Nursing Journal, OJS
Journal Identifier: 4F6DAF8E-01B3-4D33-AA99-EA0D63A6C4EA

Thank you very much

Hi @jokogunawan,

Looking at a deposit URL on your system, I see the following message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type() in .../plugins/generic/pln/pages/ on line 66

There are two problems here that need solving:

  1. Your PHP warnings/errors should be directed to the log, not the browser; this can be configured in your php.ini file.
  2. Your PHP installation appears to be missing the mime_content_type function. Depending on your PHP version, you might need to add a module. See e.g. php - Call to undefined function mime_content_type() - Stack Overflow.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @asmecher,

Thank you for suggestion. Now the look of our PKP PLN like the picture below:
Some items were failed. Checking from the log, it is like this:
I reset couple times, but it remains the same. Looking forward for your suggestion.

Best regards,

I’m closing this issue, your deposits have been received.