IP address appears on email review instead of domain [OJS]

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with an email review template, the email template is “REVIEW_REQUEST_REMIND_AUTO” and I have noticed that an IP address appears instead of the contextUrl and instead of submissionReviewUrl.
So if the url content is “http://mydoamin/JMBS/” the email prints “”, basically the domain is replaced with an IP address.

I had a look at the OJS configuration and I had a look at the database and I grep “” in the whole database but I haven’t found any problem.
I believe there is a issue on that particular email template?

Can you please advice?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @marcello8080,

Is your server configured to use Cron to run automated tasks?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

The server is using a Cron job to manage the review email, here is the cron command:

0 22 * * * php /var/www/ojs/tools/runScheduledTasks.php


OJS’s automatic baseurl detection is tentative at best. Entering your actual base URL (or baseURLs) in config.inc.php should resolve this problem for you.