Installed plugins do load anymore after having installed translator

Everything was working until this morning in my server. I installed the plugin Translator from the plugin gallery and every looked fine.

But when looking in Website setting/plugins, in WEB plugin installed I do not see anymore the installed plugins and I have just a permanent loading without nothing being loaded. This correspond to the link :$$$call$$$/tab/settings/website-settings-tab/show-tab?tab=plugins

On the server there are a lot of error such as the following, that I do not understand. Apparently the rest function normally.

Could you help ?

Thank you in advance.
Below some of the errors I am receiving…

PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class QuickSubmitPlugin, because the name is already in use in /var/home/bdd/public_html/plugins/importexport/quickSubmit/ on line 0

PHP Warning: Declaration of ArticleHandler::initialize($request, $args) should be compatible with PKPHandler::initialize($request) in /var/home/bdd/public_html/pages/article/ on line 0
PHP Warning: Declaration of BlockPluginsListbuilderHandler::initialize($request) should be compatible with MultipleListsListbuilderHandler::initialize($request, $args = NULL) in /var/home/bdd/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/listbuilder/settings/ on line 17


Hi @cverger,

It looks like you’ve accidentally installed two different copies of the Quick Submit plugin. Remove one of them. (If you don’t know which to remove, I’d suggest removing both and then installing a new copy from the Plugin Gallery.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for your reply. Actually I just read it after having solved the problem by reusing a previous backup of the server. However it seems that I still have a lot of php warning on PHP7. So for the moment à swtiched to PHP5.6 to check if there are less warnings. Could you tell me if it is fully compatible with PHP7 or should I stay with PHP5.6 ?
I have not be long on this forum, but I really appreciate. The answers to question come very fast. Thank you very much

Hi @cverger,


OJS 3.x is fully PHP7 compatible but at the moment there are cosmetic warnings that’ll appear in the log. The OJS underlying codebase and many of the libraries it uses have been around for many years and more recent releases of PHP are pickier about certain aspects than older ones were. We’re gradually working to clean these up – but they’re cosmetic and the system will work fine with PHP7.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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