In submission discussion not download files

@asmecher @Vitaliy

We are using OJS version

In submission, pre review discussion section, we cannot download files, when we click on file, it’s generate below error line.

{“status”:false,“content”:“You have not been assigned to this submission with a role that is allowed to access this operation.”,“elementId”:“0”,“events”:null}

Please help in this regard.

@asmecher @Vitaliy Please help me in this regard because our work flow is disturbing.

@rcgillis You please help in this issue, we are halt for this problem. Please give me solution.


Hi @hussainyousaf,

Someone encountering the same issue reported this here: Journal manager can't download files in Editorial History unless they're a reviewer - #5 by sabrinaeck

Perhaps, first, you could try some of what is suggested in that thread?

PKP Team