Images <fig> of the XML are not displayed in the OJS viewer

In a point XML JATS the images are not displayed in the OJS viewer. In all the previous ones they were displayed correctly, but in this article they are not. The only difference is that this article has no tables, only images. Could there be something in the structure that I need to modify? I added but it still does not appear.

<p> <fig id="f1"> <label>Figura 1</label> <caption> <title>Title</title> </caption> <graphic xlink:href="2448-910-rm-69-3-142-gf1.jpg"/> </fig> </p> <p> <fig id="f2"> <label>Figura 2</label> <caption> <title>Lesión pigmentada de color marrón-amarilla, con una fina red simétrica y puntos negros de distribución al azar.</title> </caption> <graphic xlink:href="2448-910-rm-69-3-142-gf2.jpg"/> </fig> </p> <p> <fig id="f3"> <label>Figura 3</label> <caption> <title>A) title</title> </caption> <graphic xlink:href="2448-90-rm-69-3-142-gf3.jpg"/> </fig> </p> </sec>

In the text: (<xref ref-type="fig" rid="f2"><bold>Figura 2</bold></xref>)

But the figures section does not appear.


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Hi, @Ppantaleo
I have the same problem, so far the only thing that worked for me was to put a table tag in XML, since if XML detects that there is a table, the figures are displayed without problems.
However, I would like some plugins or other solutions without altering XML.
Please let me know if you can find another alternative.

Hi, I solved it the same way for the XML I upload to the viewer.

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Hi @Ppantaleo,

Did you try not to embrace figure into a paragraph tag?