See this thread regarding the title:

and this thread regarding the favicon:

Hello Ctgraham,


Good to see your replay.

I have changed the logo favicon for my site. I am using OJS 3.0.1 version.

The above mentioned replay workout for the OJS 2.4.8 and earlier versions I
think because the above mentioned path User>>Administration>>site settings
couldn’t show the header title any where in my OJS 3.0.1 Administration

I need to change the heading title of my site *Open Journal System to
another title *in OJS 3.0.1. Please help me if there is any solution for it.

Anticipating for your replay.

Thanks in Advance.



Hello ctgraham,

I have been waiting for your solution.

I even trying to solve the above mentioned issue, but am unable to solve.

Could u please rply to us…



I’m pretty sure you want to add:

$templateMgr->assign('pageTitleTranslated', $site->getLocalizedPageHeaderTitle());

to IndexHandler::index() when no $journal is selected.

Otherwise, we are stuck with a discrepancy between the construction of the title in the header:

and the construction of the title in the head:

which really just falls back on:

in the case of the site index.

If that change solves your problem and doesn’t introduce new problems, please open a Issue for this in GitHub, referencing this post.

Hello Alec,

I have been using OJS 3.0.1, I want to keep some content like "This
journal has not published any issues till now"
in Archive page of a

Where can I find the Archive page in my files…?

Where can i keep the text in that Archive page…?

Please help me. Am not familiar with the coding.

Thanks Inadvance,



Hi @ajay,

Could you post one subject per thread, and give it a descriptive title? That’ll help keep the forum organized. This question isn’t related to the rest of the thread, so it’s better to post it as a new topic.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team