HTML formatting in citations

Recognizing that there is an outstanding request for HTML formatting in things like article titles, in OJS 2.x are there any known citationParser plugins which currently make use of HTML formatting?

Currently OJS 2.x is passing raw citation information through a strip_unsafe_html filter, implying that a raw citation could have legitimate HTML. I don’t think this is desirable at all with the current configuration. Until the product fully supports the kind of enhancement requested (above referencing 3.x), raw citations should be assumed not to have HTML. Currently the strip_unsafe_html filter breaks raw citations for web resources in the ABNT and Harvard formats.

Hello @ctgraham,
I got your message but did not find it in the forum. Therefore I answer directly.
I will start with my journal in July under OJS 3. I belief there is not citationParser plugin for this version. I decided to retype all references of the articles into ENDNOTE. The references are formatted with my own citation format and the output is pasted back into the manuscript. This makes more work than correcting the references directly in the manuscript. The advantage however is, that I add output files of ENDNOTE in different formats (Endnote, RIS, …) to the articles. So the authors get back their own citations. I hope they will use them in the next submission. Of course the readers also should use the additional files.
Hope this is what you asked for. Best wishes