Html article below abstract

How do I add html article below abstract.
I am using OJS version 3.0.2 and the HTML plugin is enable. I am able convert my article to html and upload it so that it is recognized as html by OJS. But I use a label that says HTML to link to another page. How can I have the html article below the abstract?
For example:

I am not looking for a plugin that converts some format into html and then displays. Rather, I already have the HTML and I am looking to display it below the abstract without using an iframe.
Thank You.

Hi @dave4math,

I would suggest asking the technical contact for that journal – they’ve done some extensive customizations and have a particular workflow.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @dave4math,
One way is to produce XML of your article and do the following:

See what we have done in our journal:

Dear @anupent

Your journal theme is beautiful

Is it possible send us your journal theme?

Hi @dave4math

The idea behind JATSParser plugin is to make a workflow JATS XML oriented, in accordance to modern tendencies in scientific publishing. So, you won’t t need to make HTML manually anymore.
The plugin is configured to show article’s HTML just below the abstract. If you don’t have resources to adapt it to your journal’s theme, it can be used with the modified default Manuscript theme, originally developed by PKP team.