How we managed to Optimize OJS Frontend for almost 300% load speed 😲 ( Free Plugin )

Hello everyone,

Introducing OJTRocket plugin for helps your OJS to optimize slow article loading on your OJS. With this plugin we hope to increase the speed of site access in your journal.

The Story : One of our clients made a Conference System(OCS) system using OJS 3 with the consideration that OJS 3 is more capable in terms of the submission process workflow then security bugs in the system itself which has been minimized in OJS 3 and in terms of the appearance of the submission which is more easy to understand the flow of the submission process. To make story shorts they contacted us that their homepage site they are not accessible at all and their page archive takes a long time to finish loading front page, Although they have used AWS with powerfull spesfication. However After we did our testing we found that their site will load in our browser in 20 to 30 minutes and this only happens on the front page of their journal which is loaded with many published posts (for about 2000 articles on 1 archive). See detail case here

This issue is crucial for both : Journal manager and Author, Authors never know whether their submissions are included in the conference or not because they can never get to the front page.

The solution from our research results, we manifest in the form of a plugin that we call OJTRocket Plugin which optimizes the query process for the list of articles, you can get this plugin by visiting the following page: OJTRocket Plugin

We believe that the plugin we have created can help the OJS community who are experiencing the same problem.

What are the benefits of this optimization :

  1. Google will reward sites that have high access speeds, this will have an impact on the SEO of your journal site. So this plugin will improve the SEO of your journal on Google.
  2. Authors can find their articles more easily because the process of loading articles on the archive becomes faster.
  3. visitors will be more comfortable looking for an article in your journal because the process of loading articles on the archive becomes faster.

Quick steps for using this plugin

  1. Download plugin here OJTRocket Plugin

  2. Upload the plugin from the admin dashboard Website Settings → Plugins → Upload a New Plugin or unpack the archive into the plugins/generic/ folder.

  3. Activate the plugin from the dashboard

  4. Clear Cache Template

Additional Information
This Plugin supports OJS 3.2 and OJS 3.3

Thanks to powerful Hooks utilities by PKP Team, we don’t need to modify OJS source code, instead we create a plugin to fix this problem. Using hooks utilities we were replacing some of the default handlers using our own custom handler, with this instead using the default handler to load front-end pages, ojs will load some front-end pages using our custom handler.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to send me message or write down bellow.



A very useful plugin. Also nice name: OJTRocket :slight_smile:

I can not upload the plugin from the admin dashboard
I unpack the archive into the plugins/generic/ folder.

It works great.
Also, thanks for submitting it as GNU.

Hi kerimsarigul,

Thank you for the response and appreciation, our team is very happy to be able to contribute to the community😊