Async page load

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Our editors need a way to publish journal issues with dozens of items without losing performance.

Describe the solution you’d like
Asynchronous page loading would allow the visitor to navigate the site without much waiting. For example: if a page contains 100 articles, the visitor could start browsing when 10 articles are already available and not when all 100 have been loaded.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Editors, Journal Administrators and readers.

Additional information
Async and Virtual scroll should be enough to suggest the way forward.

Dear Domenico,

are you talking about the table of contents of the issue, or the editorial backend?

Dear Nils,
I’m talking about the table of contents of the issue in the public portal.

This is an example where, to load the page, you need to wait about 10 seconds.

Thanks and best regards,

Dear Domenico,

I think PKP developers are already aware of this. At least I found and issue one Github mentioning the loading times for large table of contents:

Hi Domenico,

do you run the DB on a remote server or locally? That can make quite a difference.

See also discussion here (for various reasons, not only policy, I prefer a professionally 7/24 managed remote DB server with failover (primary/replica or cluster) and backups).

As another option, you could also install the OjtRocket plugin, until the DB libraries are optimized by PKP.

Hi, thanks for your help!

We have already tried the OjtRocket plugin, but there was no improvement.

The database is local, not remote.

All the conditions seem to be in place, but with that (content-rich) page keeps charging slowly.

I will update you as soon as I have news.

Best regards,

The idea is interesting, but I think you are attacking the symptom rather than the disease.

Have you tested how the magazine behaves with the new 3.3?

One of the lines of work of PKP’s technical committee is to detect problems like this and propose solutions.

I’m passing on the scenario to see if we can reproduce it.

We currently have version 3.2.1-1. We are planning the update, as soon as I have news I will update you.

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