How to install ojs on godaddy in Windows

Hi, Is there a step by step tutorial? I am frustrated. Thank you for for your help.

Hi @Jane1975,

In last 3 days you posted more or less same question in four different posts:

This is against the forum netiquette as far as you are making the community answer you multiple times and you are filling our common “knowledge base” with same question.

Please, keep tight to one post, be patient and read the answers you get.

For instance, in this one where you got all the documentation you need:

The installation process is included in a README file with the OJS distribution (this is a common practice) and can be checked here.

As said in the post, you need technical knowledge to do the job. Otherwise… you will be frustrated.

OJS is installed in, more or less, same way other CMSs does so, if this is a challenge for you, it means you don’t have the minimum technical knowledge required and I recommend you hire the service.

I mean, occasionally, with help, you will be able to install OJS but you won’t be able to keep it updated or fix common problems and this will be a big problem in future.


PD: If you tell me what post you like to keep, we can close the rest.

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I apologize. Please keep this one: * [How to install ojs on godaddy in Windows]

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No worry @Jane1975.
In my country we say “No one is born learned” :wink:

Did you finally manage to install OJS with the documentation or did you got technical help?
If the technical jargon seems strange to you, I highly recommend hire the service.

You can find multiple enterprises doing this job, but I like PKP best, as far as they are the ones that created and mantain OJS.