What to do next?

Hi, I download the ojs and install into my computer. In localhost system, it works. But I want it work in public URL. Please advise me how to do next to create my journal.
Thank you very much.
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You will buy domain and hosting. Then you will move your site there.

Hi Kerimsarigul,
Thank you for your reply. But how to move my site to OJS platform? Is there any educational materials for me to read? Thank you very much.
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Sure! You have plenty of information in PKP’s documentation hub:

Let me say that you will need some technical knowledge to do the installation, and once is done, you well need to upgrade it periodically (ie: once a year).

If you don’t have this knowledge, you can learn taking specialized courses about LAMP administration or hire the service to PKP PS or any other OJS specialized organization.