How to indicate doubled volume in OJS

I need to make doubled (merged) volumes in OJS For example, currently, we have published Volume 85/86. However, when I try to input ‘85/86’ in the field ‘Volume’, then only ‘85’ appeared. Perhaps I can manually correct some code to make possible the merged volumes?
I also tried to indicate ‘85/86’ in the field ‘Number’ and then it works fine, so it looks that OJS allows to make merged numbers but does not allows to make merged volumes. The problem is that we really need a merged volume, not a merged number.
Thanks for help!

This has been discusses elsewhere in the Forum: Combined volume/issue numbers
There seem to be good reasons for not supporting non-numeric content in the volume field, but for us this is still a problem. We might be able to convince editors of active journals to omit double volumes. However, in the case of journals with a long history of back issues, we cannot change retroactively the fact that in certain cases (especially in difficult times) it was decided to publish double volumes. We must still find a way to display this in OJS.

Hi @novikoffav
In academic journals, a Volume means a Year. When all the issues published in a year come together, they complete a volume. Although it is strictly not recommended, for several reasons, journals might have to publish 2 issues at once in a merged form. But I have never heard about merging volumes. If your journal has reached volume 86, this means it has a history of 86 years. If you give some more tips, I can share my experiences with you.