How to create a slideshow in OJS 3

Hi everyone, I am operating a multi journal with OJS 3 and I want to know the way to add a slideshow on the main page. Or better still how to add graphics to the main page. Is there a plugin that can do this?

Suadik Abu

Hi @danaah

There isn’t, yet, a plugin to enable inserting easily a carrousel/ slideshow in OJS3. But this version is built upon BootStrap CSS framework. If you know or have someone in your staff who has frontend skills, and already works with BootStrap, it would be possible develop a custom solution or, even better, a plugin that all community could use too.

You can read further about OJS and BootStrap in Github repository maintained by @NateWr who manages frontend development to OJS and PKP.

Also theming guide is available:

Anyway, in a recent past a user wanted a solution to a similar issue to yours. You can see what was his approach in such case:

I hope it helps

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @israel.cefrin am much grateful