How to assign articles in submission stage to an issue?

There seems to be an unexpected change in OJS 3.2 (we are using OJS It’s not possible to assign an article to an issue when this article is in submission stage. In one of our journals this is usually done to schedule an article for an issue. This is not possible anymore after updating to OJS 3.2


How can we assign an article to an issue, when this article is in submission stage?

OK, this problem already seems to be mentioned in Is there a way to find all Submissions assigned to an Issue? - #3 by luizborges

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

I did a test of this in 3.2, and I don’t think it is feasible. You should have an option on the right-hand side to “Accept and Skip Review” process and bring it to the copyediting stage, and from there go to production where you can then schedule it.

PKP Team

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