How can i export xml file in galley ( step by step help)


i have a problem with xml file
i always submit articles from admin dashboard, i think the way i go is wrong because xml file does not display.
i save as xml in article file in the word (office word) and then upload it into the galley, but i think the ojs has the ability to export xml file in itself.

i export the xml from Native XML Plugin and then upload it to the galley but xml still not displaying.

i’m using latest version of ojs3

If I understood you right, you want to dispaly an article with Lens Viewer plugin. It requires article to be in NISO JATS XML format. Microsoft word doesn’t provide such convertion. You need to look in the Internet how JATS XML is looks like.

how can i export xml which match to JATS XML
why Native XML plugin doesn’t work?

is there any guide or help link? i can’t find it in the Internet

First, Lens Plugin need to be upgraded: Can't view XML file in OJS 3.0 - #32 by Vitaliy
because of this problem: Can't view XML file in OJS 3.0 - #34 by Vitaliy

An example of JATS XML. which we produce for our journal: JATS2LaTeX/article_english.xml at jats2latex-0.5 · Vitaliy-1/JATS2LaTeX · GitHub

converters from docx to JATS (they are not perfect):
from PKP:
or ours: DOCX to JATS XML converter