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Dear All.
It’s been months and I’m trying to index my journal International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences , we’re currently OJS version. But still, our articles are not indexed in google scholar. As per as the famous link ( Google Scholar Indexing ) the website of our journal does not have any error and its more than 5 months that the articles are published even the google scholar indexing plugin is enabled can you help me please ? thanks a lot !

can someone reply to this , it’s really serious for me :frowning:

See there: My journal not appear on google

thanks , but my journal is already appearing in google , but it’s not the case for google scholar :frowning:

Did you read the forum post there? Don’t let you mislead by the title only.

The essential step is to register the domain and sitemap within Google search console. This way you tell the Google bots what to crawl consistently. Having just a few pages in Google is not an indication that the whole site has been crawled. They may have been crawled randomly.
I have registered more than a dozen journals according to the recipe in My journal not appear on google, and all of them are in GS.

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Thanks a lot , I really appreciate your help

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