Footer Text / Garbage text after Login journal system

After login to my journal system Garbage Text / spam text found in my journal every page. (Picture attached)
Website looks fine and no such text found in any page.

I want to removed from admin and other login pages.

It is difficult to say what kind of cleaning you will do in which file without seeing and examining your files. It would be beneficial to get technical support and have a detailed review.
It looks like malicious code has been added to your site files. You need to inspect and clean the entire system. Probably these malicious codes are not only in a single page.
You also need to learn how they do this and take precautions.

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Any suggestions plz. how to eliminate such type of hypertext from pages.

First, take a backup of your site. Just in case.
Option 1:

  1. Download the site files to your computer.
  2. Find and replace the relevant text in the files in the folder (not individually, but in bulk) with a program like notepad++.
    Option 2:
    Download the same version as the version you are using from
    Overwrite/change your existing files.

Restore the files when you’re sure they’ve been cleaned.

Hi @ahafeezj,

I would suggest reviewing this thread for information on a common OJS misconfiguration that could lead to malware injection, and what to do to clean up your server after one has occurred.

Just cleaning up any affected files is not enough; if you leave your system vulnerable to the same attack, it’ll happen again.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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