Favicon unavailable

Dear Mr.

Favicon unavailable. (OJS 3.0.0)


I think I had a similar problem and it was caused by a wrong path to the FontAwesome library.

If you check

Are the FontAwesome url’s correct in the beginning? If not, I think that I simply deleted all cache in OJS.

I understand. I delete all cache in OJS but dont solved problemed.

Ok, but did you check to FontAwesome url’s in the beginning of your stylesheet? Are they correct?

How check FontAwesome url’s?

Or alternatively:

  • go to your journal
  • view source code in browser
  • look for the first link rel="stylesheet" and open the linked stylesheet
  • FontAwesome url’s are right in the beginning of the stylesheet. Are the url’s correct?

Edit: I am having a hard time to remember what exactly was wrong with my installation when I had this problem. But did you check that your base_url is set correctly in config.inc.php?

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