Exporting more than 30 Bulk crossref at a time

We’ve been asked to provide all our article DOIs for a journal in crossref format. Unfortunately, the “Bulk Actions” option only selects the 30 items from the current page. We have many dozens of pages of items to export. Is there a way to select more and, preferably, all the registered DOIs for a journal to be exported at once? If that’s not a current feature for journal admins, is it accessible in some way through the API?

I have read previous issues related to the inaccessibility of other pages, which is a long-fixed bug, and I’m aware of potential memory limitations if I increase the query size too much.

Though it might appear to be helpful, the journal settings page doesn’t impact the number of items returned in the DOIs list: settings > website > setup > lists > items per page.

Is it advisable to change this value for the DOIs page in our codebase to temporarily increase the limit to complete the export? I think it is the first of several.

The Website Settings > Setup > Lists > items per page indeed does impact the number of articles displayed in the Crossref export plugin. You can temporarily increase it for the purpose of exporting all articles.

There is no Select all button in the Crossref articles export, but the following trick sets a checkmark at every article. In the browsers JavaScript console, paste the following JavaScript code

document.querySelectorAll('input[type="checkbox"]').forEach(e => e.checked = true);

and the magic is done!

Then remove the two checkmarks at “Validate XML. Use this option for the XML download for the manual DOI registration” and “Only validate export. Don’t download the file.”

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If it is the first time you want to export the articles, you can also set the plugin to export automatically. In addition, you have to set up a cron job.
E.g. in our case, we configured it as

# Run Crossref scheduled task every 10 minutes
*/10 * * * *    php {ojsrootdirectory}/tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/importexport/crossref/scheduledTasks.xml

@mpbraendle Thank you for the helpful replies. I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing in OJS

When I open our domain/journal/dois pageI can see the pagination is 30 items x 40 pages. Checking the Website Settings for that journal under website/setup/lists I see our Items per page is set to 500 and the page links is set to 10. Changes to this do not influence the pagination on the dois page for me.

I have no issue selecting all 30 items I see using the bulk actions bution and “Select All” from the dropdown. But since we have to perform this task for several journals, we wanted to avoid the confusion of all those smaller exports.