Export review form results to csv/xml

I’d like to export the results of the review forms of the submission to csv or xml to do data analysis.

I tried with the rest api with no success (same problem as in While iam calling ojs submissions API got Class 'Application' not found error)

Also been doing some google search and I found this post OCS - How to obtain review form results which is’nt very helpful.

I tried to do a mysql query to obtain the data, but it seems like the answers aren’t stored, only the position of the answers in the options array.

Here is the query I tried using and the results:

SELECT ra.submission_id as Submission, ra.review_id as Review, rfes.setting_value as Question, rfr.response_value as Answer
FROM review_form_responses rfr, review_assignments ra, review_form_element_settings rfes
WHERE ra.review_id = rfr.review_id
AND rfr.review_form_element_id = rfes.review_form_element_id
AND rfes.setting_name = “possibleResponses”;

I’m using OJS

Thank you for your help!!

Take a look to this post:


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Thank you for your help. But I think this does’nt really help me.
What I really need is the data form this form.

You can see that form when you click on “Read Review”

I need to export that info into a CSV or xml or some format that I can import in Excel

Thank you!

Sorry Manuel,

I missunderstood you.
Then, I think only PKP devs could answer you question.


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Till we wait for their feedback, you will probably like to take a look to this:

This document it’s for 3.4 only… but you can run schemaspy (or any other alternative) over your DB to understand the relationships.


@manuel_uib did you manage to find the tables you were looking for?