Error sending mail from OJS with SMTP Microsoft

For several months we have had problems with the emails that are sent from OJS, the mail server that is currently being used is Microsoft’s Outlook, the connector has been reviewed and according to the people at Microsoft it is fine, the suggestion from the people of microsoft is that modern authentication be reviewed, I appreciate it if you can help me with this error or if something similar has happened to someone and how do I solve it.

Hi @christian_criollo,

As a starting point, you could try some of the advice offered here: Problem sending email from Microsoft 365

Or documentation also offers some advice:

PKP Team

Hi rcgillis

Thank you very much

Hi @christian_criollo

I got a similar problem that I temporary fixed with this workaround:

Right now, my conclussion is M$ is not friendly with third party libraries (read recent “phpMailer” versions).

Please, if the solution Roger pointed works to you, please let us know.

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