Error in Review Tab: Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned

When I click “Upload/Select Files” in Review Tab (Review Files section) I got error :
Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.
I have watched logs and did not see any errors.
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Logs from console browser:
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Hi @dmasta

you’ll need to look sever side, in the Apache error log, for the reason here. Look for PHP “Fatal Error” log messages.


There is nothing.
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I have tried to repeat that on another hosting and error did not repeat. Perhaps there are some special php settings or required modules?
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After turn on “Deprecation_warnings” I have got warnings:
[Tue Mar 16 21:12:25 2021] [notice] [client] PHP Notice: Deprecated call without request object. in /home/users/n/nii/domains/xxx/lib/pkp/classes/template/ on line 973, referer: http://site_com/index.php/journal/workflow/index/139/3

I found the solve in that thread - OJS Upload file in review Stage not work - #2 by asmecher
I turn off display_errors in config file and everything worked.
Now json generated correct:
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Before json generated with php warning.

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