OJS Upload file in review Stage not work

Dear all,

Suddenly my OJS did not work upload file in the review stage. i don’t know what happen.


after click

and error messages in log:
[05-Mar-2021 17:17:02 Asia/Jakarta] PHP Warning: Declaration of ManageSubmissionFilesForm::execute($stageSubmissionFiles, $fileStage = NULL) should be compatible with Form::execute(…$functionArgs) in /home/polgnac/public_html/jurnal/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/form/ManageSubmissionFilesForm.inc.php on line 19
[05-Mar-2021 17:17:02 Asia/Jakarta] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/polgnac/public_html/jurnal/lib/pkp/controllers/grid/files/form/ManageSubmissionFilesForm.inc.php:19) in /home/polgnac/public_html/jurnal/lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPRouter.inc.php on line 408

This is also same error in discussion of Submission stage.

Thank you

Hi @Muhammad_Khoiruddin,

Is your PHP configuration set to display errors/warnings to the browser? If so, change the configuration so that these are sent to the log only. They can interfere with AJAX requests.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

i try this:

and this work

Thank you all