Error in loading installed plugins

Hi @firas,

You’ll need to get access to your PHP error log to debug this further.

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In version 3.0.1, Website Settings->Plugins->Plugin Gallery tries to load plugins.xml file using a DOMDocument object in However it won’t work for the servers which need proxy configured in order to access external network. I get:

failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!
failed to load external entity

I tried using:
> $opts = array(
> ‘http’ => array(
> ‘proxy’ => Config::getVar(‘proxy’, ‘http_host’).’:’.Config::getVar(‘proxy’, ‘http_port’),
> ‘bindto’ => ‘…’, // my servers ip address
> )
> );
> $context = stream_context_create($opts);
> libxml_set_streams_context($context);

before calling load method. But no luck yet. I think this issue needs to be looked after.


Below code worked:

$doc = new DOMDocument('1.0');
$proxy = Config::getVar('proxy', 'http_host').':'.Config::getVar('proxy', 'http_port');
$ch = curl_init(PLUGIN_GALLERY_XML_URL);
$options = array(  
    CURLOPT_PROXY          => $proxy, 

curl_setopt_array( $ch, $options );
$content = curl_exec( $ch );        

Hi all,

See also Allow_url_fopen issue. @salehig, please don’t post the same conversation in two places – it makes it difficult to keep the forum organized.

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I have not any error logs, but have same loading problem in plugins page…
Please, help!!!

Hi @ashotgev,

Inquire with your provider about how to access your PHP error logs; you should have access to these, and without that, debugging will be very difficult.

Alec Smecher
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Hi, @asmecher,

I have access to my PHP error logs, but it’s empty…
Or i must do something…

Hi @ashotgev,

Also check your Apache error log, if it’s separate. It’s possible that e.g. a server timeout is causing Apache to stop PHP, in which case the message might be logged in the Apache log instead.

Alec Smecher
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Hi, @asmecher!

can you explain me, what does it mean?

Usage statistics plugin is disabled. No log files processed.
[2017-03-12 19:17:09] [Notice] Task process stopped.

Hi, @salehig
can you explain in details, were to put this code to fix the problem?

Hi @ashotgev,

I don’t think that error message is relevant to this problem. Is anything else there?

Alec Smecher
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Hi, @asmecher
you are right, it was something else there…

I am getting this error on error console
no errors on error log

/$$$call$$$/grid/settings/plugins/settings-plugin-grid/fetch-grid?_=1498121200152 500 (Internal Server Error)

Hi @donadoniman,

See my response to your other post: Error in loading installed plugins on ojs 3.0.2

It’s better if you don’t post the same issue in multiple places, as that divides the conversation and clutters the forum.

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I have done this bus issue is same any other usggestion

Hi @sciplatform,

Rather than re-opening an old thread, can you post your question as a new topic and include all relevant details?

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where to add these codes?

Hi, everybody. I have the same problem. I used OJS version I tried to upload a plugin called “Most-Read”. Since I used a noncompatible version of the “Most-Read” plugin, I deleted it to upload a different version. Next, I uploaded the new version but after that, the “installed plugin” page was not loaded anymore (see the below figure). Would you please let me know if there is any way to solve the problem? In the previous sections, several experts introduced some codes to solve this problem. As I am not a programmer, I do not know how can I use them. Can you write more explanations to show me how to use the codes? Thank you very much in advance for your responses.


Also, I post my error logs below to be checked.


Hi @Amirreza_Talaiekhoza,

Can you please create a new post for your question (feel free to link back to this post). This is quite an older post, so having a new post with your specific issue will help to keep the forum organized.

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