Error in images when migrating server from local to remote!

Hello everybody!
I am migrating from the magazine’s local server to a remote hostgator server and when I do this some images do not appear.
Would there be a way to change the line of the path where the images are pointed. I noticed that some are not pointing correctly as they are pointing to the local folder path.

Sorry for the question as I’m new to this.

I noticed that the path pointed to the images starts differently than it does now. It’s like this:

What application are you using?

Additional information
erro 1
erro 2
erro 3

Carrying out a change manual, solves those that are having problems. But when new image is inserted, organization continues with /ojs would not have a place to change this path.
erro 4
erro 5
erro 6

Remembering that I’m new to OJS and its language.

I would be very grateful if you could help me solve this.

Thank you so much

Hello @luizsi,

Please note that the version of OJS that you’re using is no longer supported by PKP. I recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, as it is possible that your issue will be resolved by upgrading. However, other community members may wish to offer assistance.

Upgrading instructions are available in the PKP Administrator’s Guide and as part of our [Upgrade Guide] (

Information about the latest version of OJS can be found on the PKP Website

However, you may want to have a look at some existing forum posts related to this issue: Missing HTML galley images after upgrade to

Best regards,

PKP Team

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Hello @rcgillis,
I’ll check for the magazine update then, I’m very grateful for your reply and help.


Good afternoon @rcgillis,
I’m still doing some tests, but it seems that the error was much more banal than I imagined. In the file where the canonical URL is inserted, there was /ojs at the end of the address. I’m monitoring but it seems that after removing the final /ojs solved the problem.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. Hugs

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