Enabling TinyMCE font features


I’d like to update my OJS code to enable TinyMCE font features like forecolor and backcolor in RichTextarea fields. I’ve activated the Text Editor Extras plugin, but this just permits images, table and raw HTML editing. Is it possible to enable some of the additional font control buttons?

Hi @rkemp,

Not presently. You can see here for more of an explanation around why TinyMCE is limited: Adding images to announcements in OJS 3.3 - Tiny MCE - #4 by rcgillis

I think there are some plans for improving some of the abilities around TinyMCE within OJS for our upcoming version though: Update TinyMCE · Issue #6578 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - @NateWr - you might be able to speak to this and whether or not this would cover this scenario?

PKP Team

You could add a CSS class to your raw HTML code and modify the CSS/Less stylesheet of your theme accordingly.

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