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Can’t seem to add images to an announcement in OJS 3.3. The announcement WYSIWYG editor doesn’t have an option to add an image. Looking at the PKP School tutorial regarding announcements in OJS 3, it looks like there used to be an option to upload an image (Setting up a Journal in OJS 3: Module 8 Unit 6 - Announcements - YouTube), but I am not seeing it in 3.3. Was this option removed in the new version?

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I tried dragging and dropping the image into the WYSIWYG editor, and that seemed to work while I was still in the editing interface, but, once I saved / published, the image simply didn’t appear on the public webpage, and, when I clicked to edit the announcement, the editor just showed a broken image link icon.

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Hi @devsoper,

For a number of fields, such as announcements, that users enter for OJS things like images and tables are disallowed. It is possible to “re-enable” some of them for certain fields using the Text Editors Extra plugin, but unfortunately, this isn’t feasible at this point in time. I’ll following up with our devs on this issue, and will report back if I can find a suitable work around.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @devsoper,

Just chiming in with a bit more context here (courtesy of @NateWr ):

TextEditorExtras only works on TinyMCE fields that use the new forms. In 3.3 that is Publication data (except authors and galleys), (most) Settings, and Announcements. Eventually we’ll get everything over.

Why we disabled certain fields within TinyMCE:

  • Images/Files: right now, the way that this works is by uploading the file to a user’s personal directory. And there is no way for a journal manager to track, monitor or remove these files. When a file is removed from the tinymce editor it is not deleted from the file system. The ControlPublicFiles plugin allows you to configure some limitations to a user’s personal directory size and what file types can be uploaded. So we are trying to discourage use of this until we can sort it out better. The more disorganised these files, the more likely we’ll hit upgrade challenges down the line. These files are also publicly available through a URL, which may not be clear to all users in all cases. For example, if a user added an image to the description field of an issue, that image would be publicly accessible before the issue was published.

  • Tables: we remove these by default in order to simplify the UI. Tables in particular add a whole bunch of confusing controls to the forms. Also, the TinyMCE table controls don’t permit you to create tables that comply with accessibility requirements. And we have not applied the necessary styles on the frontend to support tables in mobile devices. So we discourage use of this.

  • Code: it’s very easy to break your site by adding code in, as well as breaking the mobile-friendly designs in themes. We discourage its use.

There is some backstory behind this here: ttps://

Sorry - that is probably overkill for an answer you are looking for, but I wanted to document this publicly here on the forum, so others are in the know when encountering this problem.

Best regards,

PKP Team

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