Email variables come through with placeholders intact rather than being replaced with the relevant dynamic info


Up to date OJS3 install.

When requesting revisions to a submission, the email that is received by the author still contains the placeholders, rather than the actual information:

Because we are trying to facilitate timely publication of manuscripts submitted to the journal, your revised manuscript should be uploaded the latest within 30 days, by {$reviewDueDate}. If it is not possible for you to submit your revision within the time given, we may have to consider your paper as a new submission.

If you do not have your username and password for the journal’s website, you can use this link to reset your password (which will then be emailed to you along with your username). {$passwordResetUrl}

Submission URL: {$submissionReviewUrl}

I’ve looked through other posts on this forum, and these seem to be legit placeholders - any clue as to why they are not being replaced before the email is sent?

Hi @believedigital,

IIUC not all placeholders are available in all emails. Have the problematic placeholders being in the email templates originally, with fresh installation or someone added them in the templates?

Regards, Primož

Good point - that’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. I’ll have a look through comparing against the default templates.

This email is about revisions to an article under review though, and so I would have thought at least the placeholders containing ‘Review’ would be relevant