Email templates from old plugins

Hi all,

Recently in a jounral I migrate to 3.2.1-4 (from an ancient 2.4.5) I found OJS had trouble finding templates in some languages (blank email template), so did a “reset to default” for langs and templates and the error disappear but something wired happen with the email templates list.

Journal langs are English, Catalan and Spanish (this last as default) but after the reset, old plugin templates are shown (review book) in… Czech (that is not an enabled or even not installed lang).


Checking in the forum and I github I found some issues that could be related:

But as far as I don’t need to keep this data (the journal don’t have custom templates or plugins anymore) I’m wondering if is possible to truncate the email_template DB table and do a new “reset to defaults” (to update the table)… or copy this table from an existing journal to reset… or if there is an easy way to recover this table and recover a clean list.

Thanks for your time,


Removing the email_templates tables and filling it with the content of a clean 3.2.1-4 (with same installed/enabled langs) did the job… but I’m unsure if this is the best (in terms of “less harmful”) way of resetting the email templates.

Until better approach is found, checking this a SOLVED.