Duplicacy BUG for [Native XML Plugin] & [Users XML Plugin] (user roles and issues) OJS

First I created in the source installation all the users, and the issues with their own full issue PDF galleys; then I exported all the issues with [Native XML Plugin].
Then I created all the submissions for each of the issues.
In the end I imported the all the users, and then the issues first, and then the submissions.

For each imported submission I found an unpublished duplicated issues (i.e. I found ten times the “Issue 2/2020” and the same thing for every single issue with one submission each).
I successfully delete duplicated unpublished issues; but unsuccessfully find a way to delete duplicated submissions.

Similar thing for user: as soon as I imported the user with [Users XML Plugin] I found all the user roles duplicated with the impossibility to delete them.

Hi @seventhose,

I take it this is tied to your post here: https://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/t/importing-users-with-the-native-user-importer-had-duplicated-the-user-roles/66929

Again, can you please indicate your specific OJS version?

PKP Team

I’m using OJS

Hi @seventhose, I’m not sure, but I think that the issue will be created if a submission is imported for an issue that doesn’t exist. It could be that the issue identification isn’t successfully matching.

Have you tried importing the submissions without importing the issues, to see if the correct issues will be created for you?