DOI settings for Plumx Print Widget

I have configured plumx print widget in my journal but it displays the detail of one DOI only. How can I set the DOI value in the below parameters provided by plumx so that it should cover each and every article?

a href=“ ” class=“plumx-summary”
Currently, I am using DOI provided by Zenodo so, I assign each and every DOI to my individual articles manually. A few example of assigned DOIs are given below:

https: //
https: //

Using OJS and Healthsciences theme for my site.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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The Pitt ULS is currently working on upgrading our OJS 2.x plugins to 3.x, including the Plum Analytics Artifact Widget plugin.

This will be the simplest and best way to facilitate this, but it is not ready yet.

Are you currently modifying the template files to add the PlumX code? If you want to continue with that we can point you to the objects and methods you would need to fetch the DOI for an article, but I recommend waiting for the plugin, if possible.

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Thanks @ctgraham for the update.

Yes, I have modified the template file to add the PlumX code. And currently it is fetching only one DOI because it is static. Here is the link to url

**Programming Ethics in Self-Driving Cars: Ethical Dilemma | SEISENSE Journal of Management
Its great that plugin is in upgrade stage, May I know when would be the plugin available (Approximately)?

No promises, but let me see if we can schedule that this week. It has been on our list for a while.

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That sounds great @ctgraham. I ll wait for the plugin.

Hi @ctgraham only to know if the Plum Analytics Artifact Widget plugin is working now for all the versions of OJS 3.1?

I’ve only tested 3.1.1 and the pre-release of 3.2, but I think it should work with most recent versions. If you try it but experience trouble, please let me know.

I am using it in OJS and is working perfectly alright.

Dear seisense,
I tried to use PlumX Widget under OJS but the same is not visible. I was enable plugin and nothing. Is there any other configuration or?
Thank you in advance.

Dear @Lazar_Stosic
I haven’t done anything special. I simply uploaded the Plumx plugin into the Generic plugin folder and enabled it.

@Lazar_Stosic, can you share the what configuration settings you have chosen within the plugin? Do your articles have DOIs assigned?

Dear @ctgraham

All my articles are DOIs assigned. After installing plugin I did all variant in that plugin, but nothing. I contact Plumx team and they wrote me:

"We do provide our Plum Print to embed in your journal webpages without charge, once we confirm that your journal has met our criteria:
** Consists of peer-reviewed content and has a publicly available description of the peer review process*
** Be published on a regular basis and have an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) as registered with the ISSN International Centre*
** Have a publicly available publication ethics and publication malpractice statement*
** Indexed in CrossRef, Scopus or PubMed*
Once approved, we will provide you with our widget documentation. You should hear from us within two weeks. "

As you can see, they probably must activate link how the widget will working in OJS. I have got statistics parameters on their website, but when try to setting plugin in OJS, the same doesn`t work. Now I wait answer from their side.

Kind regards,

Is the widget displaying, but without any metrics? Or is the widget not displaying at all? What theme are you using?

It is possible that Plum Analytics might need to do something to enable the widgets for your journal specifically, but that seems unlikely, given the coding. If they do take action to enable this for your journal please follow up with a post here.

The widget not displaying at all. I tried all settings, but nothing present. I am using Manuscript (default theme).
Be sure that I will write everything what I receive from them. A lot of helps I received on this forum and all solution which I have I put it here (in all post).

We are experiencing the same issue. We have enabled the widget with the following settings:
Our OJS version is: OJS
The widget doesn’t show anywhere. We have tried other settings also with no success.

@pcansf @Lazar_Stosic
Following are the settings which I have in my plum x plugin

Thanks for sharing. Even with these settings we don’t see the widget. Are you entering anything in the HTML Before and After?

There is nothing in any other sections.

If you have access to the database, can you share the row within the versions table with the product_class_name of “PlumAnalyticsPlugin”? For example:

select * from versions where product_class_name = 'PlumAnalyticsPlugin';
| major | minor | revision | build | date_installed      | current | product_type    | product       | product_class_name  | lazy_load | sitewide |
|     1 |     2 |        1 |     0 | 2019-01-29 14:58:25 |       1 | plugins.generic | plumAnalytics | PlumAnalyticsPlugin |         1 |        0 |
|     1 |     0 |        0 |     0 | 2014-07-08 08:49:52 |       0 | plugins.generic | plumAnalytics | PlumAnalyticsPlugin |         1 |        0 |
|     1 |     1 |        0 |     0 | 2014-10-13 11:34:58 |       0 | plugins.generic | plumAnalytics | PlumAnalyticsPlugin |         1 |        0 |

Also, can you share the public URL to a page where you expect the plugin to display?

Dear @ctgraham,

The row within the versions table with the product_class_name of “PlumAnalyticsPlugin” is

I plan that plugin will display results on page of separate article.