Displaying HTML galleys inside the site design

I’m trying to display HTML galleys within the OJS site design, but when I open the HTML galley, the file is displayed without header, sidebar, footer etc.

From http://journals.sfu.ca/present/index.php/demojournal/article/view/4/4, I see that this is possible, although after copy/pasting the source code of http://journals.sfu.ca/present/index.php/demojournal/article/viewFile/4/4 to our own install (OJS 2.4.8), it is not displayed inline like in the demo journal, but on a white page. For testing, I have removed all custom CSS or design settings from our install.

What modifications would need to be done to the following document structure, to display this inline with the OJS header, sidebar etc.?

      <meta charset="utf-8">

The file needs to be recognized as an HTML galley at the point of upload. As an editor, if you navigate to the article’s summary and then Edit the galley, do you see the extra section for the Stylesheet File under the “HTML Galley Files” header?

Is the filetype “text/html” under the “Edit a Layout Galley” header?

If you HTML files are not being recognized as “text/plain” at the point of upload, you’ll want to check your magic.mime settings. You could also add a line into String.inc.php to force files with the html or htm extension to “text/html”.

You would need to delete and re-upload the galley for code fix to take effect.

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Thanks! I was editing the file with vim on the server, and that didn’t work.

It appears that extensive additional HTML/XML and automatic commentary lines from the Word > HTML conversion caused the file not to be recognized as HTML when it was first uploaded.