Disabled Email are sent out

Dear Team,
we are working on OJS
Despite having disabled the Editorial Activity email, there are still “journal helath reports” going out.

Generally, OJS seems to send automated mails by default, whereas it would be great to have to switch these notifications singularly on.

How can I make sure, all automated notifications are turned off, unless I activate them?
Thanks in advance and kind regards

Hi @Marco

If you’re handy with the database, you can delete the record in the scheduled_tasks table that is responsible for the health report. If you remove all of the records in that table, you’ll disable everything. You can also turn scheduled_tasks to Off in your configuration file.


Hi all,

Better still, the task should be adjusted to respect the email’s enable/disabled flag. I’ve filed this in Github:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Many Thanks for your replies.
I took a look at the config and scheduled tasks seems to be switched off already:

So I thought I have to go with the first option mentioned:
The highlighted entry was deleted, so I suppose next month no health reports will be sent.

Hi @Marco, @asmecher,

If I delete entry “lib.pkp.classes.task.StatisticsReport” from “scheduled_tasks” table, will this only stop the sending of the email template “STATISTICS_REPORT_NOTIFICATION” or will it also stop the sending of other emails?

Is there an other way to stop sending the email template “STATISTICS_REPORT_NOTIFICATION” by updating directly in the database?

By updating lines in notification_subscription_settings table for example ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Best regards.