"Denied access" message appeared irregularly

Message “You have been denied access. Access to this site is currently restricted” appeared constantly, on irregular manner at the admin page. Sometimes admin page works well, sometimes user forced to login again and again after each attempt to open admin page.
Current version:
PHP 5.6
MySQL 5.6
Problem appeared 2-3 months ago.

Hi @een17,

There are some suggestions on this thread. Please let me know how it goes.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Amanda,

thank you for your response, I disabled session_check_ip (set it to off) in
config.inc.php - seems it works. Maybe source of issue was changing name of
journal (I reinstalled OJS several times)?
Is it safe solution, or temporary one?

Eugene Eremchenko

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Some troubles still persist.
I select 3 locals (3 different languagues), but only one window is appeared in admin page instead of three. What is it?

Hi @een17,

Your solution to the access denied problem should be safe and long-term.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by the language/locale problem. Do you mean that you don’t have the option to select a different language for the dashboard interface? Can you provide a screenshot?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have the same problem too, I can’t login and always displayed “Access Denied” on our journal http://jurnalkelapasawit.iopri.org and this also happens to our journal members.
anyone can help me? Therefore I can’t do anything for our journal…

warm regards,
Harfano Arrasyid

Please check Site Access options in your OJS installation and check which permissions are for authors, public etc.
In addition, please check permissions of folders and file sin your OJS installation. There are several posts on that matter in forum so you can find useful information.

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Hi vvucic,

thank you for your response, I’ve access to our journal.

warm regards,
Harfano Arrasyid